Number 12 Cider House

Our story begins over 35 years ago with a couple of young kids "sampling" apples from their unsuspecting neighbors.  What started as an innocent taste-test has blossomed into a quest for the perfect cider.  In 1997, we attempted our first batch of cider.  It became the starting point for years of experimentation.  Honing our craft didn't happen overnight.  It has been a learning process that we continue to fine tune.  Many years and countless batches later, we feel like we're onto something.

Historically, cider has been an American tradition since the first European settlers brought it with them on the Mayflower.  It was embraced by a farm-based society and was crafted and enjoyed by nearly every homestead across the country.  Cider slowly became the drink of choice.  The cider legacy continued with Thomas Jefferson, known for his exceptional champagne-like cider;  John Adams, who attributed his health and longevity to cider;  and Ernest Hemingway, who liked nothing more than cider on safari.  By 1892, cider surpassed ale to become the most popular drink in America.  These traditions began to die out with urbanization and were nearly eliminated by Prohibition in the 1920's.  

But that's not the end of the cider story.  Rather, it begins again with a renewed interest in local, hand-crafted, artisanal products . . . The cider revolution has once again begun!